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Marshall launches Middleton, its biggest portable speaker

Marshall has launched its latest new speaker - the Middleton, an addition to the portable side of the range.

It's now the biggest portable speaker Marshall offers, in fact, and has the rugged specs to back up that outdoorsy billing.

The Middleton has 360-degree sound despite its boxy shape, and while it's small enough to pick up fairly easily, there's also a loop to make moving it around that much easier.

It'll be available in both the classic Marshall black and in a lighter grey, for a paler and arguably more modern look.

IP67 dust and water resistance mean you'll be fine outside in the rain, while over 20 hours of battery time means it should last through even the most lengthy parties. Charging it back up to full will take about 4.5 hours.

A power bank feature also means the Middleton can return the favour and act as a charging point for your phone in a pinch.

You can connect multiple Middleton speakers for some fun options, including the ability to stack them on top of each other to simply amplify the sound in classic Marshall style.


There are some nice simple controls on the speaker's top, including bass and treble adjustment, with a brassy control knob that's familiar from Marshall's other designs helping you skip tracks and adjust the volume.

The speaker will weigh 1.8kg, which is pretty chunky all in all, but it'l be its sound that determines whether it's worth lugging about.

Middleton will be available at ₹31,999 


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